Rescuing wildlife in Kelowna

Help animals get rescued, rehabilitated, & released when they are injured or orphaned.

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Coming Soon: Our Wildlife Rehabilitation Center!

With immense gratitude to supportive property owners, we're forging ahead to establish a sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals in the heart of the Central Okanagan. Your donations fuel this endeavor entirely.

While our doors aren't open just yet, our commitment to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife remains unwavering.

Stay tuned for updates as we work tirelessly to bring this essential service to Kelowna.

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In the absence of specialized care, injured or orphaned animals often confront euthanasia due to local resource constraints. This poignant reality underscores the urgent need for a dedicated Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre right here in Kelowna. At Wild Things, we champion not only the physical recovery of wildlife but also in fostering harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

We have three pillars to our mission:
Community-based Education
Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release
Community Partnerships